On this blog you will find stories about all things that inspire me, mainly focusing on feminism, racism, and equality. I hope to share my ideas and insights with everyone who is interested in the same topics as me and to create an open and inclusive space for others to share and exchange their ideas and stories as well.

Recent posts

Corona: A different Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a dynamic city, filled with skyscrapers, which highlight the city skyline. However, what is missing is the sea of people that flood streets. Suddenly the streets seem to be deserted and for the first time since I have been living here, I don’t bump into people every minute: Am I really stillContinue reading “Corona: A different Hong Kong”

Racism: Didn’t you just imagine it?

How racism, identity and adoption influence each other and we need a more intersectional approach to the struggle of adoptees with racism and the development of their racial identity.

A little introduction

Hello and welcome on my blog!

This is my first short introduction to this blog and what it will be all about.

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